Jason Bond Review – Are His Picks Worth The Hype?

If you are a new trader in the stock market, the sphere may seem like a strange and complicated place. So, one trick that many newbies use to get a clear understanding of how the market works is by choosing a particular guru to look up to.

In your research for the perfect mentor to guide you in your trade, there are many names floating by, and this may make everything seem confusing. One of the names that you will meet is Jason Bond, who has a host of services that he has to offer.

We have done an extensive review of Mr. Bond and the many products behind his name. This will enable you to decide whether he is a legit character and if his services are worth investing in (or otherwise).

Who Is Jason Bond?

Jason Bond from Raging Bull and Picks
Mr. Jason Bond in a recent photo. Courtesy his Instagram Account.

Jason is a swing trader who has a passion for sharing his trading strategies with budding traders. Initially, he was a public school teacher in New York, and trading in the stock market was his side job. Eventually, he made the switch in 2011 to become a full-time swing trader.

Jason did not abandon his teaching profession in totality and found joy in helping upcoming traders hone their stock market skills. This is where he picked up the idea of founding Jason Bond Picks, a website dedicated to educating other traders on investment matters.

The site started as a newsletter before growing into other products and services, including training courses and mentoring. These services’ main aim is to help the traders use his teachings to become self-reliant in their investment decisions in the stock market.

What is The Secret Behind Jason’s Success as a Teacher?

The principle behind Jason Bond’s success as a teacher is straightforward, ‘leading by example.’ What he does is that he requests your email address, and then he sends out one of his newsletters for free. Here, he offers lessons on swing trading and even goes a step further to day trade his model and teachings in a general format.

And if you want to try out his trading methodology before making a financial commitment to his services, you should find his occasional recommendations to be beneficial.

We noticed that his newsletters do not focus only on the positives but also tell you the negative things you are likely to experience in your stock market venture. He goes ahead to share his personal experiences in his trades.

Jason Bond’s Opinion on Day Trading and Margin Trading

Bond and Jeff Bishop at NASDAQ
Bond and Jeff Bishop at NASDAQ in NY.

Unlike other stock market gurus, Jason does not encourage day trading. Take a glance at his website, and you will find a video as well as a personal warning against this trading methodology.

He is more of an advocate of swing trading, and this has attracted day traders who feel like the strategy suits them well.

Then, rather than pushing the day traders away in totality, Jason offers them a day trading version, which he considers more responsible. It lies within his swing trading strategy.

When it comes to leveraging in trading, Jason sees it as using a credit card to trade in Wall Street and even equates it to gambling. So, he does not use margin in trading and discourage his followers from doing so.

Jason and Emotions in Trading

Jason also teaches his followers the best way to handle their emotions as they trade. He notes that the excitement generated from a huge win may end up messing your trading strategy. Instead, they should focus on base hits, which are the ones that build their wealth over time.

Then, Jason also teaches his followers how to handle their losses well. He encourages you not to take a loss too hard and instead walk away from a bad trade. Setbacks are normal in this sector, and the best thing you can do is find a smart way of dealing with them.

So, Jason teaches you how to deal with both the good and bad news in your stock market ventures.

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Jason Bond’s Products and Services

Services Provided

There are several stock picking services by Jason that you can access through his website. We have selected and will look at some of them in brief.

I) Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap Mentoring Mastermind Program

There is a good reason why Jason refers to this service as his ‘Mastermind Program.’ Besides containing every service that he offers, there is also direct mentorship to serious traders by Jason himself.

It is a premium service that costs $9,999 per year.

II) Fast Start Kit for Stock Traders

As the name suggests, this is a package that was specially designed with new traders in mind. All you have to do is submit your email address, and in return, you will learn how Jason earned over $400,000 by trading penny stocks.

Some of the content that you find in this package includes:

*A video course on penny stocks

*A webinar on swing trading

*A newsletter

*A special report

*$100 savings certificate

III) Long-Term Trading Strategy

This is Jason’s flagship service, and he says it is especially suited for those who lack the time for swing and day trading but still want to make it big in the stock market. Those with day jobs would greatly benefit from this program.

The key features of this service include:

*Three to five weekly swing trade alerts (email and text)

*Daily watchlists

*Video lessons

*One to four days hold times

*Liquid small cap, micro cap, and nano-cap stocks of different prices

This service will cost you $1,999 per year.

IV) Jason Bond Picks: Day and Swing Trading

This service is part of Jason Bond Picks service and is designed to cater to swing and day traders. In simple terms, it caters to working professionals who can only handle one to four swing trades after work hours.

Then, it would also be a nice fit for the day traders who can pursue real-time action on their tablets, smartphone, or desktop.

In both cases, Jason hopes that this style of trading would earn $500 per day.

Let’s look at the two types of trading that you can find in this service:

1.Swing Trading

The key aspects of this methodology include:

*Is a perfect fit for those with day jobs who do not have time to trade in the market

*You can trade away from your desktop computer

*Ideal for small and large market players

*Target of the strategy is to make you $100,000 in profits each year

*Sends out real-time text and email alerts for entries and exits

*Packed with educational material

*Provides you with a daily watch list

2. Day Trading

The key highlights that we picked out from this strategy include:

*Profit target of $500 a day

*Perfect for day traders looking for successful intraday tips

*Allows for daily 15-20 momentum daily trades

*Chat room with over 500 participants daily

*Video tutorials

*Chat room mentorship

This service is available at $399 per quarter year.

V) Jason Bond’s Chat Room

There are over 500 members in this chat room taking part in the forum on every trading day. Further, the team running the service gives up to 20 momentum trades daily.

This is one of the brightest forums you may ever find, and it features Live audio commentary, Real-time teaching, Alerts from Jason Bond and his team, and a custom scanner.

Jason claims that the forum features very successful traders who earn profits of up to $500 per day, and you can pick vital tips from them on how you can beat the stock market.

VI) Jason Bond’s Education Suite

Once you subscribe to Jason’s newsletter services, you will also get access to this service at no extra cost. Here, you will get access to tons of material such as webinars, videos, and articles, all of which aim to help you improve your game as a trader and investor.

VII) Jason Bond DVD

The DVD is titled ‘How to trade lie a pro, not a hobby’ and forms part of the education that Jason Bond offers his followers. Although it is priced at $1,499 in his archives, this DVD is available as a promotional item at several of his services.

VIII) Monday Movers

Monday Movers is one of the latest products on the Raging Bull website, and it is a weekend trading strategy developed by Bond himself. The idea is that you will receive three stock picks on Friday to buy as you enter the weekend.

Your goal is to sell them once a gap opens up on Monday morning. How simple is that? In truth, this strategy has earned Jason himself massive returns, and if you get it right, you could be looking towards big profits on Monday mornings. Even better is that it only requires a few minutes of your time every week.

IX) Weekly Windfalls

If you have been wondering whether Jason Bond ever deals with options, here is your answer. This is his flagship options trading service that recommends options to sell strategies. The recommendations that are given here have a track record of 75% effectiveness, which is not an easy feat.

The service may be pricey, but it surely has a lot to offer, including financial education, training, and real-time alerts.

X) Rooster Report

The last service we shall look at is the Rooster Report, which gives you access to the Raging Bull Push App, Jason’s top stock and option picks, and exclusive online sessions by Bond himself monthly. This is in addition to Swing trades, Education Vault, and Training Videos.

The pricing is fairly reasonable, and it is close to impossible to go wrong with everything that this service has to offer.

Any Red Flags with Jason Bond?

There are several points of concern that we picked out on Jason Bond. First, he claims to have been a guest speaker at Harvard Business School. However, a little digging would tell you that the school’s Provost has no idea who Jason Bond is.

Next, Jason claims to be a millionaire who has amassed his wealth to over $25 million over the past five years. But, he provides no bank statements or tax returns to back this claim.

There is also the issue of Jason issuing buy and sell alerts on highly illiquid penny stocks. This may point to a pump and dump scam since he can dump his position any time the prices inflate or deflate.

Pros and Cons

Let us now summarize the pros and cons that we found with Jason Bond’s strategies and services.


*He offers a live mentoring service with him directly

*Bond has numerous trading services designed to cater to each trader’s unique preferences

*You can make use of the chat room to follow the recommendations that Jason and his team send out

*There is a record of actual traders who benefited from his services


*Offers no free service, and some of them are quite steep

Closing Thoughts

In the stock market world, Jason Bond is a very popular name and is often referred to as ‘The Bond of Wall Street.’ He gives out many stock picks and recommendations to upcoming traders, and we thought it wise that you know everything there is about him before investing using his services.

We hope our article has made everything clear so that you understand why Jason is thought of as one of the leading stock-picking gurus of all time. We believe he is a genuine individual, and there is little chance of going wrong when you subscribe to his services.

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