Kyle Dennis Review: Legit? Here’s What There Is to Know

Let’s face it; the stock market is one of the most unpredictable sectors that you could invest in. Every day, we hear a lot of conflicting stories coming out of the arena. Some individuals are making it big while some incur huge losses, pushing them to the brink of suicide.

In this article, we shall try to bring out a positive side of trading in stocks. Some people have made huge returns in the stock market, even without having prior experience in the trade.

A good example is Kyle Dennis, who transformed from an ordinary dude struggling with student loans to a guru who upcoming traders look up to.

We will briefly look at his background before checking out the main products behind his name.

Let’s begin.

Who Is Kyle Dennis?

Kyle Dennis is a past training session.
Dennis in a past training session.

This is one of the most popular stock market gurus in the world, and his rags-to-riches story could be equated to a miracle.

An outstanding aspect about him is that even though he had no prior experience in trading stocks, he found his footing to a point where he came up with strategies that ended up yielding huge returns.

Before we get to some of his programs, let’s do some digging into his background so that we can make sense of some of his activities in the world of trading stocks.

A Brief Overview of His Background

Dennis’s story started in 2013 when he graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Soon after that, he landed a job as a Real Estate Acquisition Analyst where his salary was $35,000 a year.

To the ordinary guy, having a decently paying job in a harsh economic environment would be the ultimate dream. However, Kyle always yearned for more.

He tried the stock market and quickly realized that Wall Street presented huge opportunities for making a kill. Within a short while, he put together an investment capital of $15,000 and experimented his unique strategy of combining finance and science to analyze the biotech sector and catalyst swing trades.

Dennis soon realized how much of an amazing financial trader he was. As if that was not enough, another guru by the name Jason Bond took him under his wings. In case you don’t know, Bond is a renowned trader and teacher with his most popular program being Jason Bond Picks.

Kyle Dennis and Jason Bond posing for a photo in dimly lit room
Kyle W Dennis with Jason Bond in a 2018 photo.

In a span of three years, Dennis had become a core founding member of the New Millionaire Roadmap, which is a mentoring service.

At the moment, many people who aspire to make it big in the stock market look up to Kyle for advice and insight into the trade.

Inside Kyle Dennis’ Programs and Trading Systems

Kyle has a passion for sharing all the knowledge that he has accumulated over the years in the stock market. He understood that beginners might not have the smoothest time finding their way in the trade. So, he came up with several programs aimed at mentoring beginners into reaching similar heights as him.

We will analyze some of his notable programs so that you can fully understand what they are all about.

I) Biotech Breakouts Platform

If you ask any experienced trader about Kyle Dennis, it is almost guaranteed that the individual would mention this program. It is an outstanding service that involves a unique strategy that aims to point out the direction of specific stocks.

In the end, you will be better placed to know when to make a certain trade.

Once you subscribe to the service, you will gain access to several useful tools, and they are:

  • Biotech watch lists
  • Portfolio summaries
  • Expert insights and opinions
  • Catalyst trade alerts

We were especially pleased with the customer support, which is always there to help you out in case of any difficulty. The team which includes Dennis himself will help you sort out various issues, including technical ones or those involving initiating trades.

II) Catalyst Swing Trading Service

This service is designed to offer you two kinds of alerts. They are:

  • The Biotech Breakouts- these trades are characterized by shorter holding period and smaller profit goals ranging between five to ten percent.
  • Catalyst Swing Trades- in contrast to the first type we have looked at, these are slower moving trades with a longer holding time-frame and higher profit goals between ten to twenty percent.

Every day as the markets open, the service will send you a daily watch list while you will get a portfolio summary on Fridays. The alerts come in the form of emails and text messages.

To access the contents of this service, it will cost you $399 every quarter.

III) Biotech Nucleus

The other program we shall look at is a personalized mentoring service that offers you access to all the features in the Biotech Investor and Catalyst Swing Trades services.

When you subscribe to the service, some of the features that you will get access to include:

  • Video Watch Lists
  • Brain Trust Webinars
  • Live Trading sessions with Kyle
  • Chat room
  • Video wrap-ups

Note that this program is quite pricey and it will cost you a whopping $5,999 per year.

IV) Free Educational Training Sessions

Another offering that you get from Kyle Dennis is free educational training sessions which you can access when you visit his official blog. The idea is that you start by subscribing to the free video course before eventually moving to the paid membership.

However, you can still gain valuable tips and ideas without subscribing to the paid plan.

The key modules of the free educational video course include:

  • A variety of strategy videos pointing out how you can identify profitable opportunities
  • A three-part series on conducting Biotech research

On top of that, you could find valuable tips on getting started in the stock market world by going through all the blog posts by Kyle himself.

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V) Dollar Ace

This is a stock picking service that sends you entry and exit signals any time Kyle executes a new trade. You will receive these alerts via email messages plus you also get a watch list for the coming day.

The system operates on the idea that there is always someone who has information that the ordinary trader doesn’t. So, Kyle monitors the market for any activity that points towards insider information.

Additionally, for the sake of transparency, Kyle gives you access to his portfolio so that you can see the changes he makes and his closing positions.

VI) FDA Insider Alerts

The last program we shall look at is one that targets the big-time investors who can make an initial investment of $100,000. As you would expect, such a service would provide you with better opportunities for making profits than the less costly ones.

Upon subscribing to the service, you will get access to the Biotech Breakouts Platform, which will give you the signals on short-term investments.  With these signals, you will get the opportunity to make profits ranging between 5-10% on your investment.

As for the pricing, it is quite steep, at $399 quarterly. However, we believe that it will give you full value for the money you spend on it.

Is Kyle Dennis Legit?

Kyle's best selling book on Amazon
Kyle Dennis’ best-selling title “Middle-Class Millionaire”. He’s a best-selling author on Amazon.

From what we have researched and discovered on Kyle Dennis, there is little or no information that would make us doubt his legitimacy. He is a self-made millionaire who has made his mark with the same strategies that he is sharing out.

At some point, he gives you access to his portfolio so that you can see the exact moves that he is making. How transparent is that?

Most of all, he honed his skills under the wings of Jason Bond, who is a renowned stock market guru. There is little chance that anyone would be mentored by Jason and Jeff Bishop of Raging Bull and turn out to be a fraud.

Closing Remark

With all the unpredictability that the stock market carries, you could never get enough advice and guidance. It is wise that you find a reliable individual who would provide you with all the tips you need to make it in this arena.

An excellent example of such a person is Kyle Dennis, who has several remarkable programs behind his name.

So, if you are looking for a reliable service that would help you make it big in the stock market, try one that is developed by Kyle. We can assure you that you will be proud of your decision.

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