MarketBeat Review: Is There Anything Good About It?

Any experienced trader would tell you that one of the major determinants of your success in the stock market is the amount of information you have in your hands. If you know every relevant event that impacts the stock market in good time, you will be better placed to make informed decisions.

Wouldn’t it be great if you found a platform that would provide you all the stock news that you need to make your move? At this point, we shall introduce you to MarketBeat, which is a platform that, besides being a news resource, also has features that enable you to track your portfolio’s performance.

We have done a detailed review of the service so that you can decide whether it is worth investing in.

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About MarketBeat: Our Review

This platform was specifically designed to provide traders with all the information they need to make informed decisions in their investments. The core of the service is the newsletter that is sent out twice a day.

It brings news, analyst recommendations, and other relevant information on the stocks in your portfolio, all into one platform.

Another thing is that if you subscribe to the premium package, you will be granted access to the advanced portfolio management software, which blends the stock news and analysis with the features that operate like watchlists.

In general, we can say that this service would be most useful for day and short-term traders. This is because it would enable them to get all the useful information they need with minimal effort.

However, keep in mind that you cannot access some of the most outstanding features for free.

Who Is the Developer?

Matt Paulson the founder of MarketBeat (
Matt Paulson the founder of MarketBeat

This service was founded by Matthew Paulson back in 2011. The sole aim was to provide all investors with top-notch stock research tools that would help them make the right moves in the market.

This was after he and his team realized that research tools are only useful to traders when they are backed with accurate and detailed financial data.

The team set out to compile data sets comprising top analyst recommendations, insider information, dividend declarations, earnings announcements, and other information relevant to investors.

They made all this data freely available through the official website and the daily newsletters.

Less than a decade later, the platform has grown tremendously, with over two million monthly visitors and one million subscribers to the daily newsletter.

Most of all, the platform has received several awards from bodies such as the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII).

Key Features of The Marketbeat Platform

To understand what this service is all about, we shall look at some of the key features it offers.

Let’s begin.

I) My MarketBeat

This is an online portfolio and watchlist tool that is available to both free and premium subscribers. However, the former is limited to five stocks in a portfolio. At the same time, the latter allows you to create an unlimited number of watchlists and also add an unlimited number of stocks.

Additionally, My MarketBeat is a performance tracker that allows you to analyze the stocks in your portfolio so that you know the ones that are yielding returns.

Another outstanding aspect of this feature is the additional tabs that allow you to display a list of all analyst upgrades and downgrades, a list of insider trades for the stocks in a particular watchlist, and a calendar of the major upcoming events.

All in all, this platform’s format will make compiling information on the stocks that you are watching to be fast and effortless.

II) Alerts

The next thing we shall look at is the alerts you can set up on your watchlist’s stocks. They may be in the form of emails or text messages, and you can set them depending on price movements or news headlines.

Keep in mind that these aren’t the ordinary buy/sell alerts you find on other platforms. Instead, they are designed to ensure that you do not miss out on vital moves on the stocks you are watching.

III) Daily Newsletters

As a premium subscriber to the service, you will be entitled to newsletters twice a day. This service gives you the ability to include headlines about the stock on your watchlist in the daily newsletter.

Each stock comes with roughly ten headlines linked to the original articles to provide you with more information for further research.

We should also mention that the newsletters focus on the news headlines with an impact on the general market. You have the option of customizing them to include dividend and earnings announcements and analyst ratings.

IV) Analyst Ratings

Here, you get a simple tool that tracks analysts’ stock recommendations. It may not be as thorough as you would expect but it should give an idea of analysts’ contribution to the stock market.

The Analyst Rating tool provides a list of analyst updates for the day. You can filter it depending on the analyst action, the specific sector, the stock market cap, and the analyst rating.

So, as an investor, you could find the best stock to trade in based on the analyst ratings.

V) Individual Stock Analysis

Finally, you will get a tool that will enable you to get all the information you need about particular stocks. Further, you will get access to advanced charts to give you a visual representation of the information.

Let’s also touch on the exclusive analysis tools to dig deeper into the stocks.


Market beat daily premium and all access pricing

There are three pricing options that you will get. The first one is the free version that allows you to try out the basic features without making a financial commitment.

Next up is the MarketBeat Daily Premium that will cost you $19.97 per month or $199 a year.

The third tier goes for $399 a year and comprises unlimited access to research tools and proprietary reporting.

Who is MarketBeat Best For?

This service would be ideal for day and short-term traders who rely on the market and stock news to make their decisions. It is designed to curate information so that traders can keep up with everything that is happening in the market.

With all the information in one place, it should be easier to find everything you need.

Latest Reviews

What do previous users have to say about this platform? We have compiled some of the feedback from the clients below.

One user who has been a premium subscriber for the past three years is pleased with how the support team has been swift in responding to all his queries.

The next customer appreciates that has been providing valuable stock rating information for a wide variety of companies. All the information, such as dividend declaration, upgrades, and downgrades, has helped him make informed decisions.

Another user complained to the support team about the information obtained from some of the sources is unclear. However, the issue was dealt with in good time.

Lastly, several novices claim this is the best company for getting relevant investment information.

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Pros and Cons

As we conclude, let’s briefly look at both the advantages and drawbacks of this platform.


*You can easily set alerts for headlines and price movements

*Allows you to opt-out of promotional mailings

*Excellent and prompt customer support

*Impressive portfolio performance tracking


*The information is not exclusive to this platform, and you can find it easily elsewhere

*The free service limits you to only five stocks in a single portfolio

*Ads and pop-ups on the free service

Final Thought

If you have been wondering what MarketBeat is all about, we hope our article has made things clearer for you. It is a resourceful service that would help you keep up with the fast-moving world of the stock market.

So, if you are new to day-trading, we recommend that you try out this platform. We believe it will go some way in helping you make the right moves in your investments.

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