Russ Horn Review: A Legit Forex Guru?

The Forex world is an unpredictable space with the potential of delivering you great returns. If you want to get the best out of it, it would be wise to have a mentor whom you could follow their winning strategies.

From the many names we came across, we have settled on Russ Horn. This is a cultic figure in the Forex teaching, trading, and prediction systems sphere. So, we could confidently say that this is a forex guru who seems to have everything figured out in this arena.

In this article, we have done an extensive review of this individual and his products so that you can decide whether he is worth all the hype.

Who Is Russ Horn?

Russ Horn portrait as taken in 2013
Russ Horn portrait taken in 2013. Image Courtesy/FB Page

This is a well-known individual in the forex world who develops, tests produce, and releases Forex educational and trading systems.

His products are characterized by two-part systems comprising of the physical aspect that includes DVDs and in-print manuals.

The other aspect is the non-physical one online video libraries, support, live updates, trading signals, and indicators.

Some of his notable inventions are the seven foreign exchange systems that have cemented his place as a top investment guru, and the only person we felt comes close to him is Toskho Raychev.

Although his business is based in South Africa, Russ has clients worldwide, including the leading players in forex trading such as the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.

An Overview of Russ Horn’s Philosophy

Before we look at his major products, it is vital that we understand the reasoning behind which they were founded. First, Russ has been in the industry for close to 14 years, and during this period, he has amassed the wealth of experience needed to be a top Forex teacher and mentor.

Then, his daily routine revolves around trade system development, teaching, mentoring, and trading. He keeps track of the financial news that affect the forex market and major currency pairs, plus he takes his time to analyze the forex charts.

Besides the educational aspect, Russ also trades his personal forex accounts, which anyone can follow. An impressive quality about this individual is that his teachings and explanations are fairly straightforward such that anyone can have an easy time grasping them.

Within no time, you should find your footing in the forex world courtesy of the education you get here.

*Russ and Forex Trading

When it comes to forex trading, Russ advises that if you want to be a successful trader, you ought to adopt a ‘don’t care’ attitude. This involves minimal or no emotional attachment to your trading accounts.

So, any time you encounter any losses in your trade, you are unlikely to have a psychological breakdown.

*As a Writer

Some of the books he has written include “Tips and tricks to making a fortune trading forex” and “Designing a trading system.” You may access these books either as bonus material once you subscribe to one of his services or by simply letting you incur the shipping cost alone.

*His Passion for Coaching and Teaching

A close look at Russ’s products’ components would tell you that he is genuinely passionate about educating and mentoring his followers. First, he offers you numerous educational materials, including DVDs and training manuals.

Then, he also produces live webinars for his members, and this gives them a chance to get immediate feedback from him on various issues.

If you have any doubt about his teaching prowess, check out what the online reviews say about it. We noticed that most of the reviews are glowing and positive.

*His Top Currency Pairs and Time Frames

One aspect that sets Russ and his systems apart from his competitors is that all currency pairs work with a majority of them. When you look at other systems, you may notice that most of them are limited to 35 currency pairs, both the major and minor ones.

*Russ and the Forex Trading Community

There is no doubt that Russ has a massive following. According to his website, his educational materials have helped over 8,000 individuals to develop into successful forex traders.

We also took a peek at his Facebook page and found out that he has a massive following of over 47,000 individuals.

*The Creator of Different Forex Trading Systems
Forex Strategy Master program by Russ Horn

The four major trading systems developed by Horn include Forex Equinox, Forex Master Method System, Russ Horn Rapid Results System, and Tradeonix System. He claims to have started his research on the above systems back in 2004, and he had to be patient for five years before he could sell a fully developed system.

Each of the systems features a forex indicator that he has created, tested, patented, and marketed before using it in his own trading strategy.

One thing you are never likely to miss in these systems is educational materials, including DVDs, live webinars, exclusive members-only area access, and trading manuals.

Another aspect of his systems is that they tend to have one-time only pricing without the usual monthly costs and service fees.

We shall look at these systems in more detail in the next section.

The Forex Trading System Products

We are now going to look at the four main trading systems that Horn has to offer. A common factor across the products is the 60-day money-back guarantee to show you the amount of confidence that he has in them.

Let’s take a look at the systems.

I) Forex Equinox

Released in 2017, this system is founded on a secretive indicator and method that Russ refers to as the Equilibrium breakthrough. It works by ascertaining the buy and sell signals on all the currency pairs rather than focusing on the major ones.

The system does all the hard work for you by delivering the entry and exit points. If you want to make huge returns from your trading, all that is required from you is the discipline of sticking to the rules.

There is also a control panel via which you will get the alerts on the currency pairs presenting the best opportunities for entering profitable trades.

This program comes in a package that includes:

  1. Four educational DVDs
  2. A trading manual covering the basics of the system
  3. Live weekly webinars with Horn himself
  4. Members-only area access for over six months
  5. Round the clock technical support

To access the contents of the Forex Equinox system, you will have to make a one-time upfront payment of $997. You could take advantage of the discount offer that allows you to obtain the product at $750.

II) Tradeonix System

Tradeonix Pro

This is a well-known system by Russ, which cemented his place as one of the top forex teachers and trading predictors.

Here, he offers you vital tips for making it in the foreign exchange market, such as limiting your losses, the proper way of managing your winning trades, and the forex signals that you should use in your trading.

It is in this system that he made his mark of using a template that includes four to six DVDs coupled with a manual or other reports. The Tradeonix system comes with:

  • First DVD – talks about the basics of forex trading
  • Second DVD – the rules of the system
  • Third DVD – Examples of trade systems
  • Fourth DVD – Shows the system in real action by Horn himself
  • A manual- a written guide accompanying the video series
  • Members-only area access- Features webinars (weekly and previous), trading software programs, and bonus materials

The Tradeonix system would cost you $997, although the official website states that it is no longer in production.

III) Russ Horn Rapid Results System

Although this another program that has been sold out, it is still worth talking about. The RSS is an offspring of the Tradeonix and Forex Master systems, and it is specially designed with beginner forex traders in mind.

The system covers all the forex trading bases and features intensive mentoring, training, and delivering signal alerts, a combination that any novice would appreciate. Not only beginners but even veteran traders would also find the system useful, provided they have been successful in the trade before.

We liked how easy it is to understand how this system works, and it should only be a few hours before you can start forex trading, even without prior experience.

The key features of the program include:

  • Six DVDs
  • A trading manual (in PDF format)
  • Live webinars
  • Templates and Indicators
  • Signal Automation Recognition Alert (S.A.R.A)
  • Bonus materials

We have already mentioned that the program is sold out, but you could find used copies in zip file format for as low as $20.

IV) The Forex Master Method

Forex Strategy Master

The final system we shall look at is one that was formulated around a strategy based on Divergence. Horn only sold 750 sets of this program and is currently sold out and shut for new members.

Some of the key components of this system include:

  1. 6 webinars (WMV format)
  2. Six user guides
  3. War Room- you get lifetime access to videos, webinars, educational materials, and Forex updates
  4. The Line Trader and Trade Locator Apps- this is a software suite that scans currency charts to locate the ideal trade setups
  5. Power Currency Meter- calculates the trade entries percentage of winners

An important point to note is that if you want the software suites and apps to work, you need to have the MetaTrader 4.0 platform.

V) The Forex Masonry System

Just like the other services he has developed, the Forex Masonry System features physical components, as well as online members’ only area and tons of educational videos.

Unlike other systems where the access to the members’ area is for six months only, Forex Masonry offers you for a lifetime.

It comes with the following components:

  • Over 70 instructional videos
  • Unlimited access to members’ area
  • Forex Masonry Indicators
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Round-the-clock customer support

This product is not the cheapest, but it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as a consolation. So, if you are not satisfied with the program within this period, you have the option of asking for a full refund of your money.

There is a lot that you can benefit from this service, and this includes:

  • You can understand the way the market is moving and the direction it is likely to follow
  • Lets you know whether the move that the markets make will be normal, small or large
  • How to select the best currency pairs and markets

Keep in mind that this system may not seem that helpful to the advanced traders who may already be familiar with the complex terms, trading strategies, and advanced charting. Instead, the massive educational content would be beneficial to the beginner and intermediate level traders.

This product will cost you an upfront charge of $999.

Russ’s Book: Tips and Tricks to Making Fortune Trading Forex

In this book, Russ provides you with a six-step formula that you can use to transition from a demo account to a live trading one where you can generate profits. On top of that, he also talks about the Bag of Marbles formula, which is a clever technique for getting rid of your phobia of losing trades.

To own this book, he only needs your email address and the shipping and handling fee of $4.99.

Platform Differentiators

It would be wrong if we stated that all the systems designed by Russ are the same. Yes, they have many similarities, but our analysis revealed some differences among them. The distinction comes in who the programs were specifically designed for.

For instance, the three older systems, i.e., the Forex Master method, Tradeonix, and Russ Horn’s Rapid Results Method, were designed to work with all types of traders, including the new and experienced forex traders. This may explain why they are the most popular of his creations.

However, when we look at the Equinox system, it presents an interesting outlook. Instead of targeting either the beginner or advanced trader level, it is designed for the otherwise unlucky trader in the game. This may be an individual who has been trying for a while without major success and is trying to discover a way of making profits from the trade.

Is Russ Horn Legit?

There are several reasons why we believe Russ is not a scam. First, he has been in the Forex world for over two decades, both as a trader and as a teacher. In fact, there are over 3,000 individuals out there who can attribute their forex prowess and success to the training and mentoring they got from Horn.

Next, no scammer would put so much effort into educational materials as he has. Horn’s videos are very popular due to the value they offer and the ease of understanding them. In addition to that, his latest systems feature review videos and discussions on recommended trade setups.

Another thing is that Russ hosts live chat rooms where he has one-on-one interactions with the members. All the teachings and interactions aim to ensure that you will need less help from him and establish yourself as an independent trader as time goes by.

This is not easy to find in the crowded forex space where most gurus are not really interested in seeing their students grow to their best level.

Most of all, Horn breaks down the most complex forex concepts into easy and understandable principles so that you do not miss anything. If he were a scammer who was only after your money, he would have found joy in your confusion.

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Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that Russ Horn is one of the top forex gurus in the world at the moment, with several amazing products behind his name. However, just like everything else under the sun, he is not completely flawless.

In this section, we shall briefly mention some of the advantages and drawbacks that we found with Horn, his products, and strategies.


  • He has developed and released up to five forex education and prediction systems
  • All his programs are detailed, easy to understand, and cover all aspects of forex trading
  • His programs come with money-back guarantees to give you peace of mind with your investment
  • Horn’s systems are complete and are divided into both physical and online components
  • Caters to all levels of skill


  • Russ’s products are some of the priciest in the market

Final Thought on Russ Horn

We can all conclude from our review that Russ Horn is one of the top Forex gurus in the world. Indeed, we tried comparing him with other big names in the arena, but only countable individuals ranked close to him.

An outstanding and likable quality about him is his passion for educating and mentoring fellow traders so that they may get to similar heights as him.

This is evidenced by all the educational materials he has produced, including physical and online content.

Further, he has simplified everything so that even the inexperienced individuals would be comfortable with the systems.

So, if you ever want to join the forex world, you should try out some of the products developed by Horn. We can assure you that you are likely to end up a very happy investor or even another guru yourself.

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