StocksToTrade Review – What You Need To Know

Any investor who has tried out and made it in the stock market would tell you that the arena is the proverbial greener pastures. As much as the trade is a promising one for making huge profits, it is not a walk in the park as you would want.

For instance, you need to have all the right tools to help you make the right moves at the right time.

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the tools you need in one place so that you do not have to switch from one platform to another every other time?

At this point, we shall introduce you to StocksToTrade program, which is designed to provide you with all the tools you need for your trading experience in one place.

Let’s see what it is all about.

What Is StocksToTrade?

Huddie and Bohen the founders of StockstoTrade

This is a software program that combines charting, technical analysis, scanning and market research tools all into one platform.

So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this program would help you use less time and effort to understand the market dynamics.

This way, you can pay attention to the actual trading that you are supposed to do.

A major positive of this program is that it is fully customizable, and you have the option of accessing the data provided the way you like it. You can filter out all the ‘noise’ so that you remain with only what you consider to be relevant.

Keep in mind that although STT is not a stockbroker, it can integrate with several leading brokers out there.

About the Developer

Although some sources claim that it’s Tim Sykes who actually created the original STT software, the official StocksToTrade website states that Tim Bohen is currently the team lead.

So, all credit goes to him.

Tim Bohen works closely with Mike “Huddie” Hudson who is a renowned stocks trainer.

Tim boasts 13+ years of trading experience while Mike has apparently been in the game for 5 years during which he has surpassed the $250,000 in profitability.

Key Features of the Program

To understand how this service works and how beneficial it can be to you, we shall look at its main components in detail.

I) Charts

The first vital tool we shall look at is the charting. This is a feature you will find useful for conducting your technical analysis around which you can build your trading strategies.

We liked how easy it is to overlay the charts with a subset of preset technical analyses.

If you are an expert in technical analysis, the customization of the charting tool will be an invaluable aspect of the program. This is because it will provide you with the versatility needed to be innovative in your technical analysis.

Even better is that you will not be restricted to a small range of timescales. Instead, you can choose between candlesticks, bar charts, and line charts across a wider variety of time scales and intervals.

II) Oracle

The next feature to look at is the proprietary Oracle technology which is an algorithm-powered scanner that will search and alert you on potentially profitable stocks.

With this tool, you will significantly reduce the time you spend on researching stocks.

This scanner is designed such that it analyzes the moments before and after the winning stocks make their moves. Further, it also helps in pointing out what may have triggered the moves.

Most of the stocks you will identify here are those that you may never have found if you had done all the hard work by yourself.

III) Level 2 Data

Also known as Market Depth Data, this is simply the data with the bid and ask prices for a particular stock. It is a useful tool that would help you understand the operations of the demand and supply dynamics of the stock and its influence on the price.

With this tool, you are likely to have an easy time identifying where you can place your trade orders for maximum liquidity.

Even with its usefulness, we advise that you use this platform with other analyses, and this will enable you to get the best out of it.

IV) Broker Integration

The main aim of STT is to ensure that you do not have to switch from one platform to another to research and execute trades as this may affect your speed of making entries and exits.

So, the platform is integrated with leading brokers such as Capital One and Just2Trade to enable you to conduct everything in one place.

V) News Updates and Live Twitter

These two features are designed to help you to keep up with the major happenings in the investment world.

The news feed gets its headlines from leading financial news networks and publications such as MSN Money, Yahoo!, and Wall Street Journal.

When it comes to the Live Twitter feed, the program has a mechanism that helps in narrowing down the information that would be crucial for the traders.

The Pricing of StockstoTrade

There are two subscription plans that you could go for so that you can access all that this program has to offer.

The first package would cost you $179.95 per month while the second plan is an annual subscription that is priced at $1899.50 per year.

On top of that, there is a 7-day trial period that allows you to try out the service before you make a serious financial commitment.

You also have the option of having add-ons such as Oracle Direction Alerts, Breaking News Chat, and TipsRanks, for an extra fee.

Who Is STT Best For?

This is a platform that would be highly appreciated by technical day and swing traders since it is designed to help traders research stocks and gather ideas with minimal effort.

In the end, you will be better placed to make a sound investment decision.

The main focus of this program is stocks that are making big moves currently while the charts are designed to offer advanced technical analysis.

However, since it lacks fundamental data, the long-term investors would not be fascinated by the program at all.

Is It Worth It?

stocks to trade pricing

Yes, it is. First, it is packed with tons of features which may go some way in helping you boost your trading skills. Then, you do not have to be an expert in using the platform since it is designed to cater to the needs of beginners and veterans alike.

Last but not least, there is a 7-day trial period that would cost you only $1. This allows you to try out the features before investing in the service fully. If it is not satisfactory, you are free to check out other options.


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StockstoTrade Pros and Cons

As much as STT is an amazing service, it has its fair share of drawbacks. In this section, we shall look at both the advantages and disadvantages of this program.


*Works for both beginners and experienced traders

*Has updates being rolled out regularly

*Packed with several customizable features

*Offers an affordable 7-day trial period for users

*Features detailed charts with built-in technical analyses


*Relatively pricey

*Customer reviews reveal considerable lags and ‘hanging.’

*No mobile app

Closing Remarks

Not everyone who wants to make big returns from the stock market is a professional. If you have all the right tools at your disposal, it will be hard for anyone to tell that you are not really pro as portrayed.

StocksToTrade provides you with all the tools that you would need to get started in the stock market. It is more of a one-stop-shop where you can find everything that you need in one place.

So, why don’t you try out the program and see how your stock market venture is going to turn out?

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