Tim Sykes Review: Everything You Deserve to Know

Are you passionate about online trading? If you are, you must have come across the name Timothy Sykes numerous times.

One thing we can say about Tim is that he knows how to capture the attention of the masses and has been recognized by top organizations such as CNN and Forbes as the ultimate guru of penny stocks.

He claims to have a passion for helping upcoming traders to maximize their returns. To access his services, you will have to part with a significant amount of money.

We do not want you to lose any of your hard-earned cash. So, we will do a detailed review of Tim Sykes and his services to help you decide whether he is legit or not.

Who is Timothy Sykes?

Tim Sykes
Mr. Sykes’ photo as published in 2018.

You do not have to be an online trader to know who this individual is. Sykes leads a flashy lifestyle and normally parades his wealth on social media platforms such as Instagram. He claims he does not do so to show off but inspire upcoming traders to reach his heights.

That aside, He is thought to be one of the top penny stocks traders around. He first came into prominence when he turned his bar mitzvah gift money of $12,415 into $1.65 million. You may also read his blog where Tim claims to have become a millionaire by 21-years of age by simply trading in penny stocks.

Timothy says that the world of penny stocks has a lot to offer and does not want any budding trader to remain behind. Therefore, he has created a host of websites such as Investimonials, TimothySykes.com, and Profit.ly.

All of them are packed with educational content and chat rooms, where traders share different ideas.

There are also several newsletters to his name, such as Tim Alerts and Tim’s Millionaire Challenge. Both beginners and advanced traders can find materials that cater to their needs. He also claims to have over 3,000 trading students in 70 different countries due to his strong desire to educate others.

Tim Sykes: Approach to Trading

Initially, Sykes made his name trading in penny stocks. He claims that the market lacks transparency, and this can be evidenced by the stocks shooting up from 100 to 1000% in a short while before the prices come crashing down.

According to Tim, shady companies and penny stock frauds engage in paid promotion schemes that cause this rise and sudden crashing of prices.

So, he advises anyone dealing with volatile stocks, such as penny stocks, to learn the best strategies that would turn small investments into bigger ones.

Let’s now talk about Tim’s trading strategy, which is rooted in technical analysis. What this means is that most of his trading decisions come from his analysis of stock charts. Further, he focuses a lot on factors such as news catalysts and paid promotions.

Note that his strategy is not as unique as it used to be, with many investors catching up. Therefore, it is not very easy to find shares to short stocks.

Timothy Sykes’ Offerings

In this section, we shall look at some of the programs and services that Tim Sykes has to offer. From there, you can decide which one is best for you.

I) The Chat Room

In the website Profit.ly, Sykes runs the chat room with other moderators, his student-turned-millionaire. In this platform, members get to see live alerts by either Tim himself or the moderators.

Another thing is that in this chat room, Sykes shares alerts on his trades with the members through text or emails. This is to ensure that you have no excuse for not acting swiftly on the alert. Note that the speed you react to the alerts will determine how useful you find this feature.

We advise that before copying Tim’s trades, research and understand the rationale behind his decisions.

And if you find the chat room to be too noisy, as is any platform with newbies, you will surely appreciate the feature that allows you to block chats.

II) Education

Tim Sykes claims to have a passion for teaching upcoming traders and investors his skills in dealing with penny stocks. He offers his trading courses via live-streaming DVDs, just like many other online trading courses.

Some of the courses available include:

  • Tim RawPenny
  • StockingPenny
  • Stocking Part Deux
  • Learn Level 2
  • Read SEC Filings
  • Spikeability
  • TimTactics
  • TimFundamentals
  • How to make millions
  • ShortStocking

As you can see, there are plenty of courses that you can benefit from as a beginner. The courses teach Tim’s trading strategy basics and are detailed and comprehensive the way newbies would want.

III) Video Lessons

Besides the courses, Tim also releases over 4,000 video lessons weekly. The videos are well-organized in a video library that contains all of Tim’s video recordings.

We liked how easy it is to search for a particular video, and you could use various criteria to do so. For instance, you could search by date, ticker, or strategy.

These videos are quite valuable, and you can learn a lot from them, such as technical analysis and penny stock trading.

IV) An American Hedge Fund

This is a book that Tim published to explain his journey into the world of trading. In the book, he tells you how he came up with his trading strategy and spells out the mistakes he made on his way to the top.

His story starts with penny stocks, and as time went by, he decided to start a hedge fund. The plan eventually flopped, and he headed back to trading in penny stocks. In general, the book explains the rationale behind Tim’s approach to trading.

V) Webinars

The webinars that Tim provides for you include Q&A sessions, live trading, and the archived ones that date back to 2011. This is another way that you can learn and understand the success behind his success in trading penny stocks.

VI) Daily Watchlist

Every day pre-market, Tim sends out an email watchlist to the subscribers explaining what he is watching and why he is doing so.

Pricing and Subscriptions


If you want to access the services that Timothy Sykes’ programs have to offer, there are three subscription packages that you can choose from. We have discussed them in detail below.

I) Tim’s Alerts

This is the most basic service and is most suited for experienced traders. At $74.95 per month, you can access vital elements such as trade alerts, daily watchlist, among others.

Since it is meant for advanced traders, you should be prepared to do without the educational aspect such as educational videos and lessons on trading basics.

II) PennyStocking Silver

The next package is the PennyStocking silver plan, and it costs $149.95 per month. Here, you will gain access to Tim’s Alerts in addition to the weekly videos and the video library with over 4,400 videos. All the videos are explained in the simplest language, making the package ideal for beginners and intermediary traders.

In these videos, Tim covers all the relevant topics ranging from technical analysis to trading psychology.

III) Millionaire Challenge

The last package is the Millionaire Challenge, which is Sykes’ premium package. As you would expect, it will cost you a whopping $5,000 per year, and we understand if this amount makes you cringe. After, that amount is enough to start investing in some stocks somewhere.

That being said, if this amount is not too much for you and you go ahead to subscribe for it, you will access all the services in PennyStocking Silver in addition to private webinars with Timothy Sykes and his close associates.

Who is Tim Sykes’ Service Best for?

From our analysis, we found that the new traders would find the most value in this program. Tim does a good job explaining everything he has to present, making his trading strategy very easy to understand.

He pays special attention to penny stocks, which tend to be very appealing to traders with small accounts. Further, Tim sends out trade alerts, ensuring that the traders do not have to sit in front of their computers all day long.

Even traders under the Pattern Day Rule and with less than $25,000 in their accounts would be a good fit to Sykes’ trading style.

Is Timothy Sykes Legit?

With everyone in the market claiming to be successful and willing to share his tips with everyone, you must be wondering how legit Timothy Sykes is. He made his mark in the market by being a successful penny stocks trader from what we know.

He has a passion for nurturing upcoming traders into successful millionaires just like him, and all the educational content evidences this that he offers. Then, he has been doing this for over a decade and is very transparent with his dealings. This is because Tim dislikes all the shady characters that have filled the stock market nowadays.

Sykes has a proven track record and pays special attention to the new traders just joining the game. How often do you find scammers who insist on helping new traders improve their game?

Lastly, all his explanations are presented very simply so that there is no confusion later on.


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Pros and Cons

As we approach the end, let us now look at the advantages and drawbacks that you can find in Tim Sykes’ services.

  • Offers loads of trading courses to subscribers
  • Moderators help in keeping the chat room civil and organized
  • Very knowledgeable in penny stocks
  • The different plans offer real-time and push alerts the subscribers
  • He rarely shows up in chat rooms
  • His flashy lifestyle makes many to question his credibility

Final Word

In the end, we can confidently tell you that Tim Sykes is the real deal when it comes to penny stocks. His flashiness and bravado may not appeal to everyone, but he claims to be that way to attract other traders into his line of business.

He claims to have developed several traders into millionaires, which shows that he is not a selfish individual. So, if you are looking to make great returns by investing in penny stocks, check out any program by Tom Sykes, and we believe he will offer you the right guidance.

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